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The Amalric triangular sign in a patient with Carney complex
FFA / ICG Angiography
The Amalric triangular sign, an indicator of choroidal ischaemia, refers to the presence of triangular whitish patches separated by narrow strips of normal colour in the fundus. The apices of the lesions are typically directed towards the posterior pole, as observed in the left eye of this patient. On fluorescein angiography, there is absence of background choroidal fluorescence then late hyperfluorescence in the region corresponding to these triangular patches. This patient also had multiple branch retinal artery occlusions from an underlying atrial myxoma. In conjunction with a history of angiomyxomas, the patient was diagnosed by a geneticist with Carney Complex.

The Amalric triangular sign
Amalric triangular sign.jpg

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