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The Double Trouble
FFA / ICG Angiography
A 22 year old female presented with sudden loss of vision and protrusion of right eye following delivery of her first baby. On examination right eye was PL present PR accurate . A dilated fundus exam showed signs of combined central retinal artery and venous occlusion; dilated tortuous vessels with a cherry red spot , gross disc edema and hemorrhages. The left eye was within normal limits. Further imaging showed a right eye intraconal meningioma encasing the optic nerve. A diagnosis of compressive retinal vascular occlusion was made . As the mass may have increased in size rapidly during pregnancy. A extreme guarded prognosis of right eye was explained to the patient and the patient was sent for an oculoplastic opinion for excision of mass ;if needed.

All blackout-A case of combined occlusion
Visucam 500
combined occlusion.jpg

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